Mr and Mrs Bailey

Mr and Mrs Bailey

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Progress is a Process!

Hello Blogging world, I am update ready! So since my last blog I bought "the" dress I spoke about... went ahead and dove in face 1st on that one and so far happy that I did! Alterations are next week so we can all hold our breath until it's done... I know I will (and hopefully not to be fitting into it). I am unsure about my sleeve length... cap or to the elbow... I hear cap is more "moveable" (if sleeves on a wedding dress can be such a thing), but I think i may like the look of to the elbow a bit more. Any thoughts?
Oh I HAVE to update on my car door...UGHHHHH! A patient of mine is a car guy and found my part for like $30 from a junk yard compared to almost $200 new. He offered to put it in since I had to meet up with him to install the part... I figured, what the heck. 8 hours later, panel ripped open, 6 holes drilled in the old part to attempt to remove it and one annoyed fiance, he finally put the car back together only to still have to climb in the passenger side to get in. Yup... Still climbing in the wrong side of my car to get in it. Needless to say, I took my car to my amazing and original car guy, who fixed it up in a jiffy (4 hours longer due to the 6 holes previously drilled in it), which added up to be just around the price it would have cost me to have him do it with a brand new part. Ironic.
On a happier note, our good friend Dan Gardner fought in these amazing local MMA fights and squashed his opponent like a fly! Brian and I were lucky enough to be ringside. I yelled so much I woke up with only a whisper the next day. I was so proud!
Ohh and on an even happier note, me and 130 of my closest friends went down to Lake Powell for Memorial Day! Love Love Love warm weather and water! Yes, all you pro wake-borders beware... it was my 2nd time and I DID cross the wake! BAM! Not to mention killing it wake surfing too. I must say I am a natural. Oh wait, did I mention my body hurt so bad 2 days later I thought I had been run over by a bus, twice?!? I wonder if that means I should work out more? Naghhh, probably just didn't sleep well is all =)
Wedding plans are coming along well though. Last weekend Brian was a serious trooper. We finished our invitations, picked out the groomsmen tux's, found and bought my wedding shoes and registered at Bed Bath and Beyond all in 1 weekend! Amazing right?? btw, does anyone actually know why it takes 10 weeks to ship a bridesmaid dress?? Seriously, do they not know that Mormons here in Utah only have 2 month engagements? I thought I was playing it safe by having it for 4... kidding. But really... 10 weeks... blah. And while I'm on the topic, why is fondant, the main "layer" to cover way too expensive wedding cakes taste nasty?? Who would even create a nasty cake layer and how did it get so popular?? Obviously I have been thrown into a wedding world of mystery.
Last, but not least...Im Love you All and I CAN'T WAIT TO MARRY BRIAN BAILEY!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers, dresses and disasters!

Happy Mothers Day! Yes this is to all the beautiful and talented mothers and mothers to be out there and especially my mother. We spend a lot of time growing up trying to be someone of something different. Different then the world, different then the "norm" (whoever decides that anyway) least I know I tried for this. As I have officially entered into my "late" 20's I can reflect on this concept. My verdict it that it's not a bad thing to be like our mothers. I would be lucky to have as much passion as my mom does for things in life. I am alone on this mothers day. Brian is in Philly, my sister is with her husband, my roomy's are all out of town... so as I sit and eat my scrambled eggs and listen to Ingrid Michaelson, it is nice to take time and reflect. Especially after the week I had.... but here we go!

Monday after I had been wedding dress shopping for what seemed like forever, looking at dresses that all mushed into one dress... you know what I mean. The dresses with beading in just another place, or lace in the same places, same necklines, same look... blah blah blah. after a while i seriously got BORED looking at dresses. Is this so sad considering it was only my 5th and 6th stores? Or maybe that's a lot, but I don't think so. Finally in the last shop... BAM, POW, WHAM, VA VA VOOOM... yup... that was my reaction to this dress! It was like a party had been thrown just for me and this dress all in a moment of time. They say you don't choose the dress, the dress chooses you. Even after ALL THAT. I still wanted to see if something else could "match" this dress, so I walked out with my head held high. On my way to Michaels, I went to get out of my car and CrAcK... yes thats the sound of my door's unlock system breaking. My door won't open!! I tug, I pull, I hit, I even literally kick... nothing. I ever so slyly slide over to the passengers side and hop out. Fhew... no one saw. After shopping I go to get back in. Still broken. This new ritual of getting in and out of my car is getting faster and faster... but I am no less embarrassed. Imagine, me moving into my new place tomorrow, (which btw I'M MOVING!!). Bags and boxes piled high all around, moving in and, yup my car door won't open. I am going to have to climb out of my window tomorrow when I do this. Can't wait! =/

Back to "The Dress"!! So all week I was fantasizing about this piece of cloth that I would be wearing. Why is it that people get so obsessed about a wedding? I didn't know if I would, but rest assure it's happening. Beware to all, no one is safe! Why do vendors think they can add an extra zero to all prices when you through the word wedding in front. This stuff is so expensive! Jazz band, that will be half a million, thanks. Photobooth, that will be a million, but just for you we will give you a dollar off. What a deal! Tables, chairs, linens, flowers, cake, food, decor... the list goes on! How do people do it? Don't get me wrong, I love party planning, anyone and everyone knows I love to throw a good party and so does Brian. I was just never that little girl who dreamed up my one day wedding, so I am just taking it all in stride. Happy strides... Just ask the man staring at me dancing in the car, by myself because I was on my way to the invitation place and just got SO excited to marry Brian!! That's the end point...the happy and blissful end point, Shawna and Brian.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Red or not to Red

I am sitting here on night 3 of in-dependency (is that even a word, I do not know). I have been looking up wedding stuff ALL DAY... I kid you not... all day. I did get a tiny piece of a fraction done though. That's good right? Well I am sitting here thinking, pondering what I would look like as a redhead. There is only one way to find out and I can always dye it back brown... right? Am I just ancy becasue Brian has left? I know I am too much of a wuss to cut my hair... oh no no, no cutting. To be honest I am not much of a hair person. Just don't have the skills. braid, ponytail... yep that's about it. It took me years to figure out why someone would WANT to poof their hair, then even longer to try and accomplish this task. Still not there yet, but think it's probably a good thing when I look around at some of the girls here. I am blessed with straight hair, well I say that, but if I was good at hair it might be nice to be more creative with it. Black, blond, red, green, you name it... but oh no my teenage years have passed. Would I look like the crazy middle aged woman who won't grow up? I am afraid that will be me one day. But what the heck... might as well act it out in the mean time right? Back to the topic... RED! Yes, This will happen... this time tomorrow watch out bloggers... pictures will be posted.

Life As I Know It

1 week ago I got ENGAGED!!! This is a HUGE deal for all those who know me well. Life has been a cyclone full of ups and downs and I am very excited to say on September 11th 2010 I will become Mrs. Shawna Noell Gunn Bailey. Not quite sure about keeping that middle name part yet though. Seems kind of long, but I love Noell... any thoughts?

This is Day 3 of Brian, my Fiance being gone from my blissful presence. He is a "summer sales guy", which means every summer for work he heads out to who knows where to do door to door work. He is amazing at is and is in his 6th year (I think). This being our 3rd summer apart, I am learning each summer what makes it suck and what makes it better. It being the distance, the time, the need for good communication... all of it! Any of you summer sales wives, girlfriends or newly dating twitterpated women know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

We went out last night with "the girls". Honestly this is the BEST part of Brian leaving every summer is my much needed girl time. Oh how I love my friends. Cheesy yes I know, but ask anyone. My girlfriends from elementary school until now are all still a part of my life and always will be. So as we get to this house party we're all excited, making the best of it. It was me, a girl who has been dating her man for 8 months and left for summer sales, a girl who has been dating her man for 1 1/2 mo and left for summer sales, a girl who's man is, but hasn't quite left for summer sales, a girl who is single and ready to mingle and a girl I just met, but loved! So we're dancing as we do best, having fun with this random guy no one has ever met. He goes and challenges me to a dance off... follow the leader kind of thing. You know me, of course I'm in. we're in round 3 and he tries to dance all sexy up on one of my girls so of course I have to top him. I get all low and start doing my thing when... RIIIIPPP there goes my pants in the butt area! AGHHHHH I wrap up my moves a little faster then I wanted and slyly slid next my girlfriend on the wall and just stood there. A minute later we were all in the bathroom laughing our heads off and taking pictures. I mean seriously, what else do you do. Needless to say, when my friends were ready to leave I was more than willing to high-tail it out of there while flaunting the rip under my left butt cheek exposing my boy short light pink underwear. Classy Shawna.

Well I think that's a pretty good "1st blog in my whole life" story. Until next time...